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Lexus Certified Collision Center

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Why Should I Use a Lexus Certified Collision Center?

Lexus values its customers. This luxury vehicle manufacturer recommends that vehicle owners seek a Lexus certified collision center after an accident. You can find out if a collision shop is Lexus certified in a few different ways, including checking a body shop’s website or calling the front desk.

By taking your Lexus to a certified collision repair facility, you are putting your vehicle in the hands of experts who will only be using manufacturer-approved parts, tools, and techniques.



Lexus Technicians Know Best.

Lexus certified technicians are thoroughly trained to the highest industry standard on all Lexus models, whether you’re driving a sedan, coupe, SUV, hybrid, or performance. They know that OEM parts are the only option for achieving a successful repair for a luxury vehicle. Technicians at shops that are not Lexus certified may be inclined to use aftermarket parts or procedures not approved by the OEM.

The use of aftermarket parts from unverified sources can lead to even more issues down the line. Lexus certified collision repair technicians’ goal is to leave no sign that you were ever in an accident. We know that car accidents are less than ideal, so our technicians do everything in their power to turn the situation around for a positive result.

Training is continuous. As technology continues to change on an almost daily basis, Lexus technicians continue to learn how to implement new parts, procedures, and tools.

All Lexus customers deserve a safe and smooth ride for as long as they are proud Lexus owners.



Industry-Leading Tools

All equipment and tools in a Lexus certified collision repair center, from paint booths to welders, are factory-grade and designed to bring your vehicle back to pre-accident condition.

Technicians use trusted diagnostic equipment as a final check to make sure no issues slip through the cracks.

The final check is the last test that occurs after the thorough pre-scan before an estimate.

The team goes past expectations to ensure that you leave feeling safe and secure in the quality of repairs.

Never settle for less than the best when it comes to your safety and that of your family and friends!



Lexus Certified Repair Facility.

Lexus owners rightfully expect first-class service. Lexus certified collision repair centers make it a priority to uphold the high standard customers expect. Lexus certified facilities are where it all begins.

The state-of-the-art facilities ensure the technicians have the tools, equipment, training, and parts necessary to do the job efficiently and safely. The cleanliness of the space is another top priority. Only collision repair shops that meet every criterion put in place by Lexus manufacturers will move through the certification process. Lexus then monitors these shops to ensure facilities’ training stays current.

Lexus certified repair facilities are fluid in many collision facets, including structural integrity, corrosion protection, finish and durability, and color match.

Customer Safety First

Lexus Certified Repairs

Lexus certified collision repair centers across the country rate high customer satisfaction. Customers know that certified facilities follow the necessary protocol to keep them safe. Not to mention, front desk associates answer questions about your vehicle repairs and keep you in the loop with repair time and costs. The OEM has thoroughly vetted every tool, product, and part used in and on your car to provide the best service possible.

During these uncertain times, Lexus certified collision repair facilities have been going above and beyond to sanitize facilities and vehicles. Vehicles follow guidelines found in the Lexus manual to perform proper cleaning protocol. EPA-approved disinfectants are used before and after repairs as well. Technicians wear personal protective equipment during the repair process to ensure safety. We want to stay healthy and open so we can continue to serve the public.

Lexus Certified is the Answer

The Best of the Best

Select Lexus certified collision repair shops can also perform LFA specialized repairs. During an accident, the body structure of your LFA may suffer. You will need to bring your vehicle to a Lexus LFA Certified Collision Center (Tier 1), a Lexus LFA Certified “Boutique” Collision Center (Tier 2), or an Advanced Composite Engineering (ACE) repair facility in Germany, depending on the level of damage. Lexus shares a list of LSA-certified collision repair centers on their website.

The most crucial choice after an accident is the body shop you will bring your Lexus to. If you’re going through insurance, your agent may try to steer you toward one of their other direct repair shops, but unless it is Lexus-certified, it’s safe to say you will not be getting the same quality of service. Contact your local Lexus certified collision repair facility now to schedule an appointment.

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