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Why Should I use a McLaren Certified Collision Facility?

The British automotive manufacturer, McLaren Automotive, creates sports cars that embody the latest craftsmanship and technology of the luxury racing world. With the amount of precision, time, and resources that go into building one of these vehicles and bringing it to life, you wouldn’t want to put your prized possession in the hands of any old body shop.

You should only be bringing your vehicle to a certified collision center with a team of trusted technicians who are familiar with every part and procedure recommended by the manufacturer. These trained technicians will be capable of implementing the newest technology when repairing your vehicle. McLaren only partners with the best collision repair centers in the country to ensure that their hard work is carried out once the vehicle leaves their facility.



Technicians You Can Trust

Technicians at McLaren dealerships and other McLaren certified body shops receive factory level training through the McLaren Automotive certification program. Different virtual and hands-on courses explore the latest methods used in the body, paint, and overall collision repair realm.
You can trust that the team members who will be inspecting your vehicle and performing repairs have received the highest level of training possible to ensure that your McLaren runs and looks like new.
To keep up with an ever changing industry, technicians regularly take courses to stay up on certifications and technology.
While the technicians take care of the repairs, the front desk associates answer questions you may have about your vehicle’s status and help provide an overall seamless experience.



Certified Only Equipment.

McLaren certified collision repair centers utilize the latest tools and products to keep your vehicle driving smoothly in the safest way possible. Whether it’s the newest paint brand used by McLaren, a paint booth recommendation, or approved welding equipment, a manufacturer certified shop will have it. Carbon fiber is an example of an exclusive material used on the more recent McLaren models. McLaren certified shops are some of the only facilities that will have the tools necessary to repair the damage properly.
A comprehensive pre-repair scan helps to formulate an estimate before any repairs take place. Customers will be kept in the loop on the necessary and not so necessary repairs and the cost associated with it either via email, text, or by phone. At the end of the repair process, certified collision repair facilities also use critical diagnostic equipment to find any issues that may have been missed by the naked eye.
Additional tests are also available per the customer’s request.



McLaren Certified Facility.

Car accidents are unexpected and often stressful, so McLaren certified facility owners, managers, and other staff go out of their way to make you comfortable with the repairs performed on your vehicle. Whether these certified shops are associated with a McLaren dealership, each one must maintain state-of-the-art facilities to keep up with the OEM repair demands. Collision facilities that are certified to repair luxury sports cars have to go above and beyond the status quo. These vehicles require special attention that can only be given by a facility upgraded and approved by McLaren. Every center makes it a priority to maintain first-class performance, safety, and appearance after an accident. All while making sure the customer has a great experience.

McLaren Puts Safety First

Certified Safe Repairs

Safety should always be the number one priority for any collision repair facility. Even if it wasn’t your fault, and there were no injuries, car accidents are still unnerving experiences for everyone involved. Although accidents are bound to happen, we want to do everything in our power to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. At McLaren certified collision repair shops, the technicians make it a priority to get your vehicle back to pre-accident condition, not only for your safety but for the protection of your passengers and other people on the road.

McLaren Certified Collision Repair Advantage

The Best of the Best

Accidents are never expected. When they do happen, feel secure choosing a McLaren Certified Collision Repair Facility near you. The safety and craftsmanship of your McLaren deserve the best.

We understand that you are spending your hard-earned money on repairing your luxury sports car, so we want to do the best job possible. Technicians at McLaren certified collision repair shops receive the highest training to ensure that your vehicle is receiving the best service around.

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